Community Centre News – August 19

A warm welcome to the Community Centre news page. Whilst it is always good news to welcome new groups and classes to the Centre, it is also sad to say goodbye or ‘au revoir’, when, for whatever reasons, people move on. So Yogabellies held their last class here in June and have moved to different premises. For the past couple of years, Mike Whitehead has been running the Art Class. He has shown wonderful leadership and has been a real blessing to many. Many thanks to Mike for all his hard work. We’d love to be able to continue the class and would welcome anyone who is willing to help organise the group after the Summer holidays. Bebington Townswomen’s Guild has been running activities at the Centre for a number of years now and have been a valuable contribution to the community. However, due to diminishing membership, they have decided not to continue at the Centre after November. Thanks to the T.W.G. for their support.

In line with the Centre’s drive to become more eco-friendly, and moving towards our Silver ‘Eco-Church’ award, we are making a number of changes which we hope will limit our environmental impact. We already have milk delivered in recyclable glass bottles. We are going to start buying ‘greener’ cleaning products, composting suitable bio-degradable materials (think of all those tea bags!) and using the Council’s grey bin collection service. If you have any other ideas as to how we can increase our ‘green’ credentials, please contact the office.

Bookings Do you need a venue for your group to meet? Feel free to contact me by telephone (0151 608 4429), email or in person at the Parish Office on Tuesday mornings. Julie Scarsbrook Centre Administrator