Centre Update – May 2021

On 12th April, children’s groups were able to resume their classes and groups at the Centre. This includes 2nd Rainbow and Brownies, Vibe Dance Academy and Baby Sensory. In addition, ‘ Weight Watchers (classed as ‘non-essential retail’ under Covid restrictions), resumed their regular Saturday morning work shops.

From 17th May, adult classes can also resume. This means that Sit Fit, the Happy Reading Group, Knit and Natter and Ladies in Stitches are set to return.

Please look at the What’s On page for details of how to enrol in these classes.

If you are in need of any practical support such as food shopping, picking up prescriptions or
dog walking, please call any of the following numbers and we will arrange for
someone to help you:

Christ Church Parish Office: 0151 608 4429

Rev. Mike Loach: 0151 609 0943

Pastor Dave Johnson: 07843210906

Kate Lewis: 07891590743

Kirsty Johnson: 07850518154

Sarah Loach: 07828166490

If you feel in need of a chat or just want some advice or
, please call
any of the following people, who will be more than happy to speak with you:

June Fogg: 07711180491

Audrey Clare: 0151
334 2145

Heather Whitehead:
0151 608 7205

Alan/Vera Jackson: 0151
608 2466

Cllr Jerry Williams: 07926062968

Cllr Christina Muspratt: 07762099381

Further local help & advice can be found on
the following webpages: