October 2019 News

A warm welcome to the Community 

Centre news page. This month, the theme is food and eating. There is a 

saying that ‘you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food’, and the Centre has hosted a few events recently, where sharing food with love is a definite theme. This 

includes the Maundy Thursday Supper, the Passover Supper, the Christian Aid Breakfast, Rose Queen Afternoon Tea and Carers’ Lunch.

If you are interested in learning how to cook or developing your culinary skills in a friendly relaxed environment, the 3L’s Class may be for you. John and Sue Dodd run this class and this month, they have contributed this piece for the Newsletter:

‘Tasty Cooking. Friday afternoon

Friday afternoons in the centre are filled with interesting smells and aromas. They hit you from the front door and have tormented the people in the office for a number of years now. The food course is run by 3L’s for those over the age of 55. As members of the course put it ‘Sue, though having spent a 

career teaching tends to guide the course rather than lecture to us’. All sorts of people, of a wide range of ages and skill levels, from those claiming to 

only be able to burn toast, to those who have raised and fed families who want to try different things and extend their skills. It is not just a cookery course, but a chance to meet friends and socialise. The general banter and laughter is not mentioned on the course description but is an important part of the afternoon. There must be something to it as some members have been coming back term after term for over 4 years now and when places 

become available, they are soon filled. Besides learning new skills and 

recipes, having a laugh with friends, everyone goes home with a meal and pudding for two at the end of the afternoon.’


Do you need a venue for your group to meet? Feel free to contact me by 

telephone (0151 608 4429), 

email centremanager@christchurchhigherbebington.org.uk or in person at the Parish Office on Tuesday mornings. Julie Scarsbrook Centre Administrator

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