It was on 29th March 2011 that Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE declared Christ Church Community Centre open.  Over the last four very hectic years, we have served thousands of cups of tea and coffee, held hundreds of events for the local community, supported many different charities with their fund raising efforts and helped many children celebrate their birthdays with their friends.  These are just a few of the many exciting activities that take place in the Community Centre.  For up to date information and full details on all the events that are happening at Christ Church Community Centre, you can log onto the website .uk or call into the Community Centre and pick up a what’s on guide.

I sometimes compare the Community Centre to the Albert Hall! It is large versatile space that is in constant use for a wide array of events.  One minute is being used for all age worship by the congregation, and then the Kings Hall is being cleared for a children’s party, before being transformed into a cinema to show a film, along with freshly made popcorn.

However, even with all these different community events happening at the Centre, there is always room to squeeze a few more events on. So, if you have any ideas on what other services you think we could provide for the community, please contact me and will be delighted to see how I can help.

John Potter

Christ Church Community Centre Manager

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